Shopping in Chianti and Tuscany - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany

Shopping in Chianti and Tuscany

Farmers Market

Siena Fortezza – Wednesday h.8:00- h.13:00
Greve in Chianti main square – Saturday h.8.00- h.13.00
Colle Val D’Elsa main square – Friday h.8.00- h.13.00

• Food and wine

Food & wine in Tuscany are well known for their authenticity and inimitability. If you would like to choose some delicacies to taste, there are endless opportunities. In every town or tiny village, you will easily find farmers’ markets or grocery stores, where you can buy unique local specialties like cheese, pork sausages, prosciutto, salami, honey, olive oil and the best local wine.

You can taste Chianti Classico, Brunello or Nobile di Montepulciano wines in the multiple wineries listed on this site, or you can buy the best local wine at the village grocery store. From Borgo Argenina you do not have to go too far. Just down the road, in Monti, there is a tiny grocery store that has a selection of local wines and delicious Italian food.

We recommend a visit to one of the many butcher shops in the Chianti region: a MUST for anyone visiting Tuscany. Here are some reviews from Tripadvisor:

Antica Macelleria Falorni – Greve in Chianti
“If you ever find yourself in Greve, in the town square, look for the stuffed wild boar and century old butcher tables. Once you have found them, enter a maze of meats and cheeses that would appeal to the most discerning of tastes. The smells and visual feast will leave you reeling. A must see!” Maria L.

Officina della Bistecca – Dario Cecchini – Panzano
A butcher shop with personality. Great fun!” Jim R. Australia.
Mad Butcher shop – must see!” P.B. Illinois

• Decori NELTEMPO – Radda in Chianti

If you go to Radda, don’t miss a visit to the Decori NELTEMPO workshop, where you must meet the owners, extravagant artists Silvia and Davide. Their creations are truly beautiful and unique: each one is a masterpiece handmade by them with natural fibers and colors, inspired by our Chianti landscape. You’ll find hand-painted antique furniture, ceramics, tableware, original lamps, jewelry created by David, clothing and hand-painted shoes.

Painting Class
Silvia’s painting courses on textiles or on clothing & shoes take place in her superb studio in Radda on request.

Contact: info@decorineltempo.it

silvia ottobrini - things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
Silvia Ottobrini
Chianti Cashmere Nora Kravis - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany

• Chianti Cashmere – Radda in Chianti

Beginning with only a few cashmere goats, Nora Kravis has created a high quality herd and produces excellent textiles with cashmere. Chianti Cashmere is a rare example of small-scale sustainable farming in an ever-growing industrial world. Stop by for a unique, magical tour.


Cashmere Balls - what to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
Nora Kravis Chianti Cashmere - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany

• Hand Woven Clothing

Lucia Boni has been designing and creating her handwoven apparel since 1978. Her armonious color schemes and use of fine yarns such as mohair, are the result of her personal mission to create exclusive items. Each one of her handmade artifacts is unique, personalized and custom made.

Discover more: www.luciaboni.com

Lucia Boni Studio Atelier - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
Lucia Boni Studio Atelier - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany

• Luxury Fashion Brand

If you like Italian fashion, in Tuscany there are many outlet villages offering top luxury clothing and accessories made by the most famous Italian fashion designers, at unbelievable prices: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti, Gucci, Valentino, Armani, Versace and many others.
The Mall Luxury Outlet Leccio Reggello (FI) – www.themall.it
Fendi Outlet is located close to The Mall outlet village.
Prada – Levane, Montevarchi
McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Barberino (FI) – www.mcarthurglen.com
Dolce&Gabbana Outlet -Incisa in Val d’Arno.

Don’t miss a visit to the Cucinelli store outside Perugia! In addition to unbeatable quality clothing, the setting is absolutely beautiful. Piazza C. Alberto dalla Chiesa 6, Solomeo – Perugia.

• Ceramiche Rampini – Chianti

On the way to Radda, don’t miss the Ceramiche Rampini factory, where you can admire their unique ceramic pots and table settings. Tiziana and her family produce handmade, hand painted pottery using Italian artisanal techniques and traditions that date back to the Renaissance era. Ask them for your favorite pattern and shape and have it shipped to your home.

Ceramiche Rampini - Radda - what to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
shopping in chianti tuscany - things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany

• Terracotta Factories – Chianti

Impruneta terracotta has been made in Chianti since before the 1300s, and originated in the first Estruscan settlements. You will love visiting the kilns and watching these artisans still working their magic. Many stores offer a large selection of vases, garden decorations and sculptures. The terracotta products of Impruneta differ quite a bit from other terracotta products. This has to do with the distinctiveness of the Tuscan territory and the special and unique chemical composition of the clay. The raw material, once processed and burned, gives the product its extraordinary high resistance against freezing and all weather conditions.

The furnace M.I.T.A.L. is a family business, and its traditions of manufacturing terracotta have been passed down from generation to generation.


• Alabaster – Volterra

Alabaster, over 3000 years of art in stone

To this day, there still remain a few examples of the traditional alabaster workshops in Volterra. Here it is still possible to experience the magic atmosphere of the old traditions as you watch the craftsman creating an artistic object or a sculpture. In some workshops, you can still find some characteristics of the old workshops where a craftsman and his apprentice would work. In these workshops, the workbench is still placed near the window, which years ago would guarantee maximum natural lighting before the arrival of electricity. You will see the rest of the room filled with various items and tools of the trade.

Volterra Alabasters - things to do in Tuscany
alabaster-volterra-chess - things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
alabaster volterra vases - things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
alabaster volterra horses agata - things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany
alabaster in volterra - what to do in Tuscany
Italy, Tuscany, Arezzo, Antiques market - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany


• Antique Markets in Tuscany

Arezzo: The Antique Market in Arezzo is held regularly every first weekend of the month in the main square Piazza Grande. About 500 exhibitors

• Lucca: Lucca Antique Market is held regularly every third weekend of the month in Piazza S. Giovanni, Piazza Bernardini. About 250 exhibitors.

• Siena: Siena Antique Market is held regularly every third Sunday of the month in Piazza del Mercato

• Pistoia: Pistoia Antique Market is held regularly every second weekend of every month in Via Bozzi.
• Firenze:
– The Antique market in the Fortezza antiquaria every third weekend of the month.
– The Antique market in Piazza Santo Spirito the second Sunday of the month.
– The Antique market in Piazza Chompi the last Sunday of the month.

Flea Antique Market Firenze - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany


Flea Antique Market Siena - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany


Flea Antique Market Pistoia - Things to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany


• Visit a traditional copper workshop

La Bottega del Rame – Montepulciano

When you go to Montepulciano, stop at La Bottega del Rame in town, and meet Cesare and Iolanda in their traditional copper workshop.

They both inherited the passion and ability to work with copper from their fathers and now continue a long family tradition in copper crafting. Talking to them about their job and browsing copper pots and kitchen tools in their store will certainly make your day.


copper shop in chianti - what to do in Chianti Siena Tuscany