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Go with Flo in Tuscany


An official & licensed tour leader & guide

It’s natural to consider a guide for the lovely cities of art like Florence, Rome, and Venice – there is so much to see, so much history to absorb and so much that you want to know. Yet, when guests get to the amazing Tuscany countryside, they find that it’s not just the cities that spark curiosity! 

Carrying on in the family tradition of showcasing the beauty and culture of Tuscany, Fiorenza (Flo for friends 😎) is passionate about assisting guests and visitors to organize their limited and precious time so as to see the best and most while in Italy.

Go with Flo :: Fiorenza Bettini visiting Siena

Fiorenza Bettini, a tour leader and a licensed local guide in Siena and provinces, grew-up breathing the air of Tuscany and is passionate about making areas like Chianti, San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Pienza, the Val D’Orcia, and the Clay Hills come alive.

In the Know with Flo

“Go with Flo”   will share the hidden secrets of the landscape, the small towns, wine tasting and the culture of Tuscany.

Chianti is not just another pretty vineyard region and Siena is not just another pretty town – not when touring with Fiorenza!  Her knowledge of the traditions, legends, culture, and culinary specialties transport guests into “the know”, creating fantastic memories in Italy.

Her connections and knowledge base are endless and anything we wanted, she had it done in a snap!!!
Christi Johnston Feb 2019

A good tour will give you the facts, the dates, and the names of monuments.  However, for those who want a “once in a lifetime” experience of exploring the hidden secrets of the region, they want more than a tour.  They want an experienced guide – who has the connections to put you in contact with just the right place.

Wine, shopping, small-town experiences, or looking for adventures, like cheese making or truffle hunting?

Flo knows where to take you to fulfill your dreams.

She customized our itinerary to meet our wants and needs.
Daniel Sampson April 2019

Go with Flo will be there for every step of the vacation – and this is an assurance one can count on! Using trusted partners, Flo has a wide network of private drivers, specialized restaurants, delicious vineyards and special activities that will enthuse travelers of all ages and groups of all sizes.

Making New Friends in Tuscany

Her bouncy energy caters to the group she has at hand. Fiorenza easily slips into a group – be it family and friends traveling together or a couple traveling on their own.  She forges a quick and long-lasting relationship and finds herself assisting return travelers, exploring new corners of her favorite areas. 

We felt like friends who had always known each other. My wife and I can’t wait to do another tour with her on our next trip.
Muck Makinson May 2019

Her passion for Tuscany mixes with her ability to coordinate exciting and memorable adventures, these are the moments you won’t easily forget. Be sure to ask Elena when you book your accommodations, to put you in contact with Go with Flo, so you can plan for the best!